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To view information flyer for Roleystone  CLICK HERE  Collect your green bag from Roleystone Family Centre 9am to 3pm weekdays during school terms.

Green Bag flagging is supported by the State Government’s State Emergency Management Committee (SEMC).

Q: What is Green Bag flagging?
A: Displaying a green bag at the front of your property during an emergency indicates to the authorities that you’ve already self-evacuated (Green means I’ve gone). This allows Police or other emergency authorities to prioritise checking on other properties where no green bag is displayed, thus saving time and potential lives. This system is particularlyeffective in semi-rural areas and has been used successfully overseas.

Q: When should I use a green bag?
A: Use a green bag as a flagging device when you’re self-evacuating and when you are confident no other people remain at the property. You should only use the green bag flagging system when you have enough time to do so. Your life comes first.

Q: Where can I get a green bag?
A: You can purchase green bags from most supermarkets. There are also a limited number of green bags available from your Local Government office.

Q: Where should I put the green bag when I leave?
A: Put the green bag at the front of your driveway, where it can be clearly seen from the road. Weigh it down with a heavy item such as a rock or brick. Alternatively, tie it to a gate, letterbox or fence-post.

Q: If I evacuate, will my possessions be safe?
A: Emergency responders will be working in and around the area and it is likely anyone entering a marked property will be noticed and investigated. If time allows, lock your property when you leave.

Q: Why do we need this system?
A: Time is critical for successful evacuations in fast moving emergencies. Property-by-property checks by emergency authorities are time consuming, so the green flagging system allows them to move faster through an affected area. This could save lives! If the emergency authorities are confident you’ve left for a safer place, they can check other properties first.

Q: Should I wait until I’m told to evacuate?
A: During an emergency, the safest option is to evacuate early. Leaving at the last minute could be deadly. Take advice from emergency services personnel, and keep up-to-date by checking information from a range of sources.

Q: What if I’m disabled or have limited mobility
and need to evacuate?
A: If you are disabled or unable to move easily, contact WA Police on 131 444 as soon as possible to let them know your circumstances. They will provide advice on what to do.

Q: Could they blow away or be burnt?
A: This is always a risk, but any flagging objects are subject to these issues. If the bags blow away or are
damaged, the property will be checked as if it had not been flagged at all.

Q: How can I stay up-to-date during an emergency?
A: During an emergency, the Department of Fire and Emergency Services issues alerts and warnings through a variety of sources including:
• 13 DFES (13 3337) Emergency Information Line
• ABC and 6PR radio
• Follow DFES on Twitter
• Follow on Facebook –

ROLEYSTONE FAMILY CENTRE SINGERS – Thursdays at 7:00pm to 9:30pm

Come along and join other locals in this fun and friendly gathering.  Everyone welcomed.  $5 per session/paid in advance (per term)   For more information please call RNFC Monday mornings 94961115 and ask for Chris


For current dates please go to the Roleystone Markets Facebook page.

Formed as a sub- committee of the Roleystone Community Garden and with sponsorship and support of Our Community Bank – Bendigo Bank the new Roleystone Market Committee have hit the ground running, coordinating what promises to be a fantastic year of markets. We hope the Roleystone Markets will become a fixture in the Perth market scene and a can’t miss destination for not only the local community but the Perth community as a whole.


Find them on Facebook –


Created for children under two years of age and their carers, the Baby Rhyme Time sessions aim to encourage babies and toddlers to develop an early love of language, rhymes and songs.
These sessions will provide parents and their babies with a chance to bounce and sing-a-long to some of their favourite rhymes while showing parents how to entertain and educate their baby at home, and helping babies build a firm foundation for learning to read.
The initiative encourages families to use the library services and help children to gain a head start with their reading in preparation for school.
Each session goes for 20-30 minutes. Parents are encouraged afterwards, to choose some wonderful books to take home for their baby. Please leave your pram at home as space I limited.  For further information please contact Seville Grove Library on 93990800


If your local business or organization is not listed above, or if any of the above information is incorrect, please contact Roleystone Neighbourhood Family Centre on 9496 1115 or email

Community Contact Numbers

Emergency Numbers

  • Community Police

    Click the website link to take you to the most relevant numbers.

    Website: Click here for website...

  • Armadale Police Station

    For general administration only/business hours

    Contact: 9399 0222

  • Central Police

    Contact: for police assistance 131 444 - for emergencies only 000

  • Crimestoppers WA Freecall

    Contact: 1800 333 000

    Website: Click here for website...

  • FESA-Emergency Alerts (recorded message)

    Contact: 133337

    Website: Click here for website...

  • Roleystone Volunteer Bushfire Brigade

    Robert Littman (Coordinator) 0427 977 190 ___ Noel (Captain) 0408 098 347_____________ Matt Plowman (Fire Control) 0407 509 128

    Contact: 9397 5406 Emergency Calls

    Website: Click here for website...

  • Roleystone Bushfire Ready Action Group

    Contact: Robert Littman 0427 977 190__and__Chris Cairns 0417 983 019

  • SES Emergency Assistance

    Contact: 132 500

    Website: Click here for website...

Useful Contacts


  • General Enquiries (Dept of Education)

    Contact: 9264 4111

    Website: Click here for website...

  • South Metro Education Regional Office

    Contact: 9336 9563

Primary Schools

High Schools

Child Care

  • Children’s Services Family Day Care

    Contact: Glynis Hickford 9496 1330 or Lynda Toulmin 0407 294 460

  • Mulberry Tree Day Childcare and After School Care Service

    Contact: 9496 1665

    Website: Click here for website...

  • Roberta Jull Family Day Care

    Contact: 9490 1866

    Website: Click here for website...

Health & Wellbeing

  • Roleystone Child Health Clinic

    Contact: 9397 5813

  • Roleystone Medical Centre

    Contact: 9397 7122

    Website: Click here for website...

  • Armadale/Kelmscott Memorial Hospital

    Contact: 9391 2000

  • GP After Hours Surgery (Armadale Health Service)

    Contact: 9391 2285

  • Chiropractor Dr Josh Morton

    Contact: 0451 675 100

  • Pharmacy Roleystone Community Chemist

    Contact: 9397 5377 & 9496 1735

  • Veterinary Roleystone Animal Hospital

    Contact: 9390 4026

  • Ark Veterinary Centre (Kelmscott)

    Contact: 9495 1226

  • Deep Wood Vet (Gosnells)

    Contact: 9490 1812

  • Armadale Home Help Service

    Contact: 9399 1111

  • Dentist Roleystone Dental Surgery

    Contact: 9397 6337

  • Foothills Armadale Veterinary

    Contact: 9497 7488

Local Services

  • Alcoholics Anonymous

    Contact: 9325 3566

  • Bushfire Ready Action Group

    Contact: Chris Cairns 9397 9076/0417883019 or Ian Nice 9496 2460/0429963222

  • Darling Range Wildlife Shelter (business hours)

    Contact: 9394 0885

    Website: Click here for website...

  • WILDCARE Helpline

    Contact: 9474 9055

  • Karragullen Progress Association

    Contact: Ray Batey 9496 1309

  • Kelmscott Agricultural Society

    Contact: 9495 4001

  • Neighbourhood Watch Office

    Contact: 9399 3514

  • Roleybushcare (Roleystone Dieback Action Group)

    Contact: Jo Roshkov 0422 446 966

    Website: Click here for website...

  • Roleystone Courier

    Contact: Linda & Mike Moore 9496 2992

    Website: Click here for website...

  • Roleystone Organic Growers’ Association

    Contact: Lisa 9399 2312

  • Roleystone Rivercare Group

    Contact: Pat Hart 9496 1634

  • The Valley Reporter

    Contact: Doug Gilmore 043209880355

    Website: Click here for website...

  • Government Federal Member for Canning

    Contact: Andrew Hastie 9390 1211

  • City of Armadale

    Contact: 9399 0111

    Website: Click here for website...

  • Mayor Henry Zelones

    Contact: 94954838 or 0428 954 073

  • Local Ward Councillors

    Contact: Grant Nixon 93976939/0418449611

  • Local Ward Councillors

    Contact: Caroline Wielinga 0488900307

  • Armadale Library

    Contact: 9399 0125

  • Kelmscott Library

    Contact: 9390 5506

  • Seville Grove Library

    Contact: 9399 0800

  • Roleystone Hall Hire

    Contact: 9399 0148

  • Roleystone Post Office

    Contact: 9397 5271

  • State Member for Darling Range

    Contact: John Day 9293 4747

    Website: Click here for website...

  • State Member for Serpentine-Jarrahdale

    Contact: Tony Simpson 9525 4822

    Website: Click here for website...

  • Justices of the Peace

    Contact: Margaret Rhodes-Smith 419 545 477

    Website: Click here for website...

  • Justices of the Peace

    Contact: Rob Fidock – 9397 5400

    Website: Click here for website...

  • Justices of the Peace

    Contact: Jeff Munn 0418 958 493

  • Black Cockatoo Conservation (Kaarakin)

    Contact: Louise Hopper 9390 2288

  • Foothills Friendship Quilters

    Contact: Shelagh Fitzpatrick 0432 982 938

  • Birtwistle Library Local Studies

    Contact: 9394 5641

  • Roleystone Markets

    Contact: Catherine 0439 499 545

  • Roleystone/Karragullen Seniors

    Contact: 9496 3166

Legal and Financial


  • Good Shepherd Catholic Church, Kelmscott

    Contact: 9495 1204

  • Roleystone Community Church

    Contact: 9397 5730

  • St Christopher’s Anglican Church

    Contact: 9293 8273

  • Sacred Heart Catholic Church, Karragullen

    Contact: 9495 1204

  • Youth Organizations Boys Brigade 6th WA (Roleystone) Co

    Contact: Colin Young 9398 7093

  • Congregational Youth Group

    Contact: 9397 9303

  • Girls Brigade Company/Roleystone

    Contact: Yvonne 9397 5153

  • Roleystone District Guides Association

    Contact: Suellen 9496 1375

  • Roleystone Scout Group – Karragullen Hall

    Boy & Girls - Cubs (age 8 – 11 years) & Scouts (age 11 –14 years)

    Contact: Joanne Meuli 9496 0290

Family Recreation

  • Children Roleystone Gumnut Playgroup

    Contact: Libby 0408 883 200

    Website: Click here for website...

  • Toy Library

    Contact: Francine Crocker 0427 044 809

  • Family Araluen Botanic Park

    Contact: 9496 1171

    Website: Click here for website...

  • Araluen Country Club (Golf Resort)

    Contact: 9397 9033

    Website: Click here for website...

  • Armadale Aquatic Centre

    Contact: 9399 6966

  • Organic Grower’s Association

    Contact: Lisa Porter 9399 2312

  • Roleystone Country Club-Wygonda Rd

    Contact: 9397 5665

  • Roleystone Garden Group

    Contact: 9397 5547

  • Roleystone Musicians Club

    Contact: 0438 839 999 or 0411 536 883

    Website: Click here for website...

  • Roleystone Theatre

    Contact: 9397 6624 or Ticket Booking 9490 9306

    Website: Click here for website...

  • Seniors Roleystone Karragullen Seniors Club Inc

    Contact: 9496 3166

    Website: Click here for website...

Local Sporting Groups

  • Roleystone Little Athletics Redbacks

    Contact: Kathy Lockhart 0403 341 957

  • Roleystone Jnr Cricket Club

    Contact: Bryan Kennelly 0417 984 037

  • Roleystone Country Club

    Contact: Bowls Division 9397 5665

  • Roleystone/Karragullen Cricket Club

    Contact: John Lewis (Pres) 0430 459 722

    Website: Click here for website...

  • Roleystone Senior Football Club

    Contact: Hazel Martin 0438 843 333

  • Roleystone Junior Football Club

    Contact: 9397 7666

    Website: Click here for website...

  • Roleystone Gymnastics

    Contact: 9496 1484

    Website: Click here for website...

  • ARK Indoor Hockey

    Contact: David 9397 5153

  • Dale Hockey Club

    Contact: Murray Matthews 9399 5794

    Website: Click here for website...

  • Roleystone Women’s Hockey Club

    Contact: Susan Schryver 9398 7426 or President: Helen Johanssen 9397 5939

  • Kofukan Karate-Do International

    Contact: 9397 5688

  • Roleystone Netball Club

    Contact: Amy Boughton 9397 5559

  • Roleystone Recreation Centre

    Contact: 9397 6538

    Website: Click here for website...

  • Roleystone/Karragullen Sports & Recreation Assoc

    Contact: 9397 7666

  • Roleystone Tee ball Club & Peewee Baseball Club

    Contact: Sandy Johnson (Pres) 0419 875 277 or Tanya Taylor (Reg) 0409 112 373

  • Tennis Club Inc

    Contact: Wendy Tucker (Secretary) 9397 6620 or Court Hire 0402 981 976