1    The name of the Centre shall be “Roleystone Neighbourhood Family Centre     Incorporated” hereinafter known as The Centre.

2    Definitions

“Act” shall mean the Association Incorporation Act 1987.
“The Centre” shall mean the Roleystone Neighbourhood Family Centre Incorporated.
“The Committee” shall mean the Committee of Management as provided for in these Rules of Association.
“User group” being defined as any group which uses the Centre on a regular basis (being at least ten times a year) to hold meetings or classes and pays a rental to the Centre for such use.

3    Objectives of the Centre

To foster and promote educational and cultural activities and in the following ways:
3.1.     To promote the well being and care of individuals, families and children ensuring equal access for all families through classes, information and referrals.
3.2     To promote interaction and communication between members of the community by encouraging their participation and involvement in the Centre.
3.3     To create an environment in which personal and community development can take place  in a friendly neighbourhood context breaking down barriers and isolation.
3.4     To provide educational opportunities to develop skills and knowledge in response to community needs.
3.5     To perform any other tasks consistent with these objects as decided by the Centre.

4    Powers of the Centre

The regulation, control and conduct of all business of the Centre shall be vested in the Management Committee with the power to do all such things as are necessary, incidental or conducive to the attainment of the objects of the Centre.

5    Income and Property

The income and property of the Centre shall be applied solely towards the  promotion of the objects of the Centre. No portion of the income or property shall  be paid, transferred or distributed directly or indirectly to members of the Centre.     However, nothing shall prevent the payment in good faith of remuneration to any  officer or employee of the Centre or to any person in return for service rendered  or goods supplied to the Centre.

6    Membership

6.1    Eligibility
Membership shall be open to any person or regular User Group who agrees to abide by this Constitution and pays any fees due. A person shall not be deemed to be a member of the Centre until the Management Committee has accepted the application for membership. A period of one (1) calendar month membership is required before a new member is eligible to vote at any General Meeting.
6.2     Procedures for Applications
6.2.1    Application for new membership should be made in writing to the Committee for consideration at the next Committee meeting.
6.3     Register of Members – A Register of members will be maintained in accordance with Section 27 of the Act.
6.4     Suspension of Members
6.4.1     The Committee may expel or take action against a member if, in the opinion of the Committee, that member has acted in a manner that is prejudicial to the good name of the Centre.
6.4.2     Any person expelled by the Committee shall have the right of appeal to a Special General Meeting convened within twenty one (21) days of the termination, to have the decision ratified, overruled or amended.
6.5     Membership Ceases – All Membership ceases on the completion (closing) of the next Annual General Meeting following the individual or User Group’s election. Membership may be renewed by payment of the appropriate fee for the             ensuing period within fourteen (14) days of the Annual General Meeting.
6.6     Types of Membership
6.6.1     Ordinary Membership being open to individuals from within the community.
6.6.2     User Group Membership being to enable a regular User Group to have a representative on the Management Committee. The representative may change from time to time if circumstances necessitate.
6.6.3     Honorary Life Membership which may be awarded to any present or past     serving member.
6.6.4    Subject to clause 5.1. A member shall be entitled to one vote at any General, Special or Annual General Meeting providing that the member has attained the age of eighteen years (18)
6.6.5    Members are required to disclose any direct or indirect financial interest to the Committee as soon as they are aware and not take part in any deliberations or decisions (by way of voting) made by the Committee in respect of those interests. The Secretary must minute every disclosure made by a Committee member in the meeting at which it is made.

7     Management Committee

7.1     The members of the Centre shall elect a Management Committee and an  Auditor at the Annual General Meeting. The Auditor shall not be a member of the Centre.
7.2     The Management of the Centre shall be vested in the Management Committee which shall comprise a President, Vice President, Treasurer and Secretary (who shall comprise the Executive Committee) and at least three (3) but not more than eleven (11) additional members, all of whom shall be members of the Centre.
7.3     The President shall preside at all committee meetings and in such cases where the President is absent, the Vice President shall preside.
7.4     The quorum at a Committee Meeting will be a minimum of five (5) committee members including at least two (2) Office Bearers.
7.5     The committee may co-opt persons for specific tasks as required and they shall be ex-officio.
7.6     Office Bearers and Committee members will be elected for 12 months but Office Bearers may stand for re-election at the Annual General Meeting for up to a maximum of five (5) consecutive years, following which they may not be an Office Bearer of the Management Committee for a period of not less than twelve (12) months.
7.7     If a Management Committee position becomes vacant at any time the Committee may appoint a person to fill such vacant positions until the next Annual General Meeting when the position will be declared vacant.
7.8     Resignations of Committee members are to be received in writing.
7.9    Membership of the Management Committee shall cease if the member or  in the case of a User Group representative, fails to attend three consecutive Committee meetings without having obtained leave of absence from the Management Committee.
7.10     The Management Committee shall meet regularly, with no greater interval than two (2) months between meetings.
7.11     Sub-Committees may be appointed for specific purposes and their terms of reference set out. All recommendations made by a sub-committee must be reported to the Management Committee and approved by that Committee before they are implemented or acted upon.
7.12    The Coordinator and/or Centre Manager shall table a report to all meetings and be in attendance in an ex-officio, non-voting capacity.

8     Meetings

8.1     Annual General Meetings
8.1.1     The Annual General Meeting shall be held in the first three months of each Financial year.
8.1.2     Items of business conducted at the meeting will include:
Minutes of previous Annual General Meeting
Presentation and adoption of Reports
Election of Management Committee
Appointment of Auditors
General Business
8.1.3.     Notice of Annual General Meeting will be publicly displayed and advertised to all financial members at least seven (7) days before the Annual General Meeting. Any accidental omission to give notice to any members shall not invalidate the meeting.
8.1.4.     Notices of motions for the Annual General Meeting shall be in the hands of the Secretary at least seven (7) days prior to such meetings.
8.1.5.     Voting at the Annual General Meeting shall be by show of hands. All matters shall be decided by simple majority and in case of a tied vote the President shall have a casting vote.
8.2     Special General Meeting
8.2.1     Special General Meetings shall be called for amendments to the Constitution or the dissolution of the Centre.
8.2.2    At the request of three (3) members, the Management Committee shall be required to call a Special General Meeting to determine any issue that appears to contravene this Constitution. The Committee shall call a meeting within twenty-one (21) days of such a request.
8.2.3    Not less than seventy five per cent (75%) of the members present shall agree to any proposed changes.

9    Quorum

Quorum at any General Meeting shall be forty per cent (40%) of financial members of the Centre.

10    Finance

The financial year for the Centre will commence 1st July and finish on 30th June the following year.
10.1    Proper records of all accounts are to be kept by the Treasurer, of all monies received and expended.
10.2     The Treasurer will report on the financial affairs of the Committee at each meeting.
10.3     All payments to be signed by two signatories, and wherever possible be made by cheque or electronic transfer. Where a cash payment has been made an appropriate receipt is to be obtained.
10.4     All accounts shall be maintained in the name of the Centre at a financial institution that the Centre shall from time to time decide upon.
10.5    The Centre Manager shall have custody of records, books, documents and  securities of the Centre unless the members of  the Committee resolve otherwise at a General meeting.
10.6       A member may at any reasonable time inspect without charge the books, documents, records and securities of the Centre, with the exemption of confidential staff and client records.

11    Membership Fees

Fees for membership shall be fixed at an Annual General Meeting or at a Special General Meeting called for this purpose.

12    By-Laws, Policies and Procedures

The Committee may draw up By-Laws governing the Management of the Centre  and may vary and interpret such By-Laws.

13    Common Seal

The Common Seal engraved with the name of the Centre shall be kept in the custody of the Centre Manager unless otherwise determined.
The Common Seal shall not be used without the express authority of the Executive Committee and every use of the Common Seal shall be recorded in the minutes of the committee meetings.

14     Audit

The Accounts of the Centre shall be submitted to the Annual General Meeting and such accounts shall have been audited by an auditor appointed by members at an Annual General Meeting.

15    Disposal of Equipment

Any property or equipment owned by the Centre may only be disposed of subsequent to the approval of the Management Committee.

16    Alteration of Rules

The Centre shall be conducted in accordance with the Constitution

16.1    The objects of the centre (subject to approval as may be required by law) and the rules herein contained may be amended, varied or rescinded. New objects and Rules approved at an Annual General Meeting or Special General Meeting provided that the notice of such a meeting shall contain the text of the proposed amendment or states that the amendments are available for inspection by any committee member at a place nominated in the notice for a period of not less than fourteen (14) days.
16.2    No amendments to the Constitution shall be adopted unless there is consent by seventy five per cent (75%) of those members present at a  General Meeting.

17    Dissolution

The Centre may be dissolved or wound up by a resolution at a Special General Meeting called for such a purpose.
The Centre may be wound up by consent of seventy five per cent (75%) of those members present at a Special General Meeting.
If upon the dissolution or winding up of the Centre there remains, after the satisfaction of all debts and liabilities, any property whatsoever, the same shall not be paid to, transferred or distributed amongst the members of the Centre. It         shall be distributed:
a.    to some other incorporated association, having objects similar to the Centre with the proviso that any property or assets shall not be paid to, transferred or distributed amongst the members of that group; or
b.     for charitable purposes.

I hereby certify the foregoing to be a true and correct copy of the Constitution of the Centre.

Signed:                        Date of effect:   26 September 2007

Liz Zidich