Basket Coiling Workshop

$50.00 per person

Time: 10.30am to 1.30pm
Date: 24th June - Saturday
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Product Description

Come and spend a relaxing afternoon learning how to make beautiful coiled basket forms out of recycled and new materials.

In this workshop you will learn;
– Techniques required for beginning and finishing a basket
– Varying stitches and wrapping techniques
– How to incorporate non-traditional materials into your basket

Each basket becomes the unique expression of its maker and as with previous basketry workshop, each basket has a beautiful individual touch.
You will discover the meditative process once you start and start seeing weaving materials in your and other people garden that would otherwise go to waste.
All materials, darning needles, raffia, harvested garden fibres, wools, strings, cloth and many varied found items will be supplied although we encourage you to bring along a selection of fibres so you start learning which fibres are suitable. All participants will get started on a small palm size basket, with take home materials to complete if you don’t complete it in class.