Creative Crochet with Julia

$110.00 per person

Time: 9:30am to 11:30am
Date: 26th July to 13th September - Wednesdays

Bookings Open

Product Description

Join us to crochet some amazing designs with Julia. Pictured is some of Julia’s amazing skill with very fine crochet that she is willing to pass on to the community.
Here are some things that you will need to know about the crocheting course:

Julia will teach you how to:
– Increase and decrease your crochet project
– Change colours
– Chain crocheting
– Single crochet stitch
– Half double crochet stitch
– Double crochet stitch
– Treble crochet stich
– Slip Stitch and Weaving the Ends
– Work in Rounds (basic for beanie and mandala)
– Crochet Granny square (perfect for your blanket)

At the end of the course, you should be able to crochet beanies, mandalas or blankets.

You will need to bring along: A #3 crochet hook and some 100% 4 ply cotton yarn in your own colour choice.

About JULIA: “Hi there – my name is Julia Clark. In the summer of 2016 I moved to Perth, Western Australia with my family. l moved here from the Czech Republic, but I am originally from Slovakia.

Since I was a child, I watched my mother and how she was knitting a new sweater for me to wear at school or a new vest for my brother. It was so fascinating to watch her hands and how quick they moved and to see the beautiful result coming from the needles down to her knees. It was only a matter of time until I asked my Mom to help me to knit my first jumper for my doll. I was 6 years old.
I was knitting and knitting all my childhood. I stopped knitting in High School and when I was studying at University. I remember the time when I read a book by the Finnish author Mika Waltari – “The Egyptian” – there was such a incredible thought which touched my heart. He described woman making a carpet and he explained that she becomes eternal when she is putting her thoughts and work into the carpet. I realized how much I love handmade craft and that month, I knitted a jumper for myself day and night which I still have to this day.
During my pregnancy and maternity leave, I started to find my way back to handcraft. I taught myself how to crochet and made my first crocheted blanket for my daughter. I started to make hats, toys, scarves. It was the best way to relax for me when I had free time in the evening. I met some very talented and beautiful people through this craft .
I always felt that I wanted to be close to handmade crafts. It is all about the Ideas and creations. I believe everybody has a talent for something. I support people with dreams and I support people to do what they dream to do, especially craft.