Decluttering – All you need is less – Switch your thinking

$5.00 per person

Time: 10:00am to 12:00pm
Date: 17th November - Friday
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Product Description

Would you like to investigate strategies to get your home organised? Join us for this two hour workshop delivered by the Switch your thinking team. Discover how to live with less stuff and learn practical tips to help simplify your life. A reminder to re-use, re-purpose, up-cycle, recycle or throw away stuff you don’t need.

Switch your thinking is an initiative of the City of Armadale, City of Gosnells and the Shire of Serpentine Jarrahdale working together since 2002. They are working with local governments and their community to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and contribute to global efforts to secure a safe climate.
Since they started, they have helped program partners and the community to reduce greenhouse gas emissions by 339,700 tonnes of carbon dioxide equivalent which is the same as putting 790,000 barrels of crude oil back in the ground.

This workshop will share why clutter is bad for the environment and tips on decluttering. Through this workshop hundreds of community members have learned:
How to recognise clutter (and stop it coming back);
Techniques for deciding what to keep and what to go;
Barriers that might have stopped you from succeeding in the past;
Where you can get rid of your clutter; and
How live clutter-free and protects the environment.