Digital Photography Beginners Workshop with Adele McMenamin

$65.00 per person

Time: 6.30pm tp 9.30pm
Date: 8th & 15th November (2 evenings included in the price)
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Product Description

Most digital cameras are not used to their full effects. Gain the knowledge and confidence to operate your camera and its features to produce better photographs of people, places and things. Be excited about the differences some hands on instruction can make.
This beginners course is designed for those who have their own digital camera, but it is not being used to its full potential, or those looking to buy their own camera and …would like some idea of functions before a purchase.
Adele Mcmenamin is a professional photographer who will guide everyone to demystify digital cameras and have you producing stunning photos.

Content Week 1: (Bring along your Camera)
Introduction to digital photography
What is aperture
What is shutter speed
What is ISO
The rule of thirds
Understanding exposure
Your digital camera explained
Depth of field

Content Week 2:
(This will be given to you the first week to bring back and share with the class, for shared learning)
Challenge: Freezing motion and bluring motion
Challenge: Shallow depth of field, large depth of field.
Bookings are limited in this class so all participants will get that one on one experience.

Read some feedback from previous classes:
• Adele was a really great teacher and explained everything clearly and simply. Her examples were really great and helpful too.
• For a complete novice you left me knowing the difference between aperture and shutter speed and how to correct the errors I made in the past. Exactly what I wanted to learn, without being too technical.

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