Drawing & Painting Classes (Thursdays) with Wendy VanderLaan

$195.00 per person

Time: 9:00am to 12:00pm
Date: 1st February to 12th April - Thursday - 9 weeks

Bookings Open

Product Description

Inspirational classes for all levels of experience. Covering a multitude of techniques including a variety of mixed media. Come join us in learning some innovative, new and inspiring creative ideas. Everyone welcome to join us by either enrolling for the full term or coming along casually when it suits you.

Art classes that will introduce you to a wide range of mediums that will have you exploring your own creative perceived limits and imagination.

Students bring along for the first class a visual diary (A3) and some pencils so the teacher can gauge your ability and discover what mediums you wish to work with.

Casual rate is $25.00 per session paid at the time of class if spots are available.