Healthy Living with Self Hypnosis (3 sessions)~ Emma Stewart

$45.00 per person

Time: 12.30am to 2.00pm
Date: 8th, 15th and 22nd June - Thursdays (3 weeks)
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Product Description

Examine limiting thoughts and beliefs and the influence of these upon your body and mind.

Set your intentions, learn relaxation and self-hypnosis techniques, examine your limiting thoughts and beliefs and maintain the vision through a variety of mind, body techniques.

According to both the Law of Attraction principle and the psychological theory of Confirmation Bias, whatever you direct your attentions or energy towards is what you attract. So, when you direct your attention towards something that you want and actually believe you’re already capable of and have attained, your life slowly starts to change to adapt and match those desires.
Visualisation is one of the most powerful mind exercises you can do in order to direct your attention to what you want and it works! Indeed, Olympic athletes have been using it for decades to improve performance. One of the best visualization techniques that can help aid successful direction of your attentions are vision boards.
In essence, vision boards are collages filled with affirmations, images and personal memorabilia of what you wish to manifest in your life. And in this workshop we are focusing on manifesting health, healthy living and personal wellbeing.
Before creating your vision board we will get a clear picture of what good health means to you using hypnosis. To manifest health your intention must be crystal clear.
For example, you will ask yourself,
What kind of life would I lead?
How would I spend my life?
Who would I spend my life with?

The Power of Belief and the Mind-Body Link
The ‘new biology’ is challenging many long-held beliefs that affect us in the areas of physiology and psychology. Mind-over-matter, once regarded as a fantasy, is now becoming recognized as a reality. Science is making strides in studies that prove that our thoughts can indeed affect our brain chemistry and our physical and mental health.
We have learned that emotions, such as fear and stress, not only make our bodies more susceptible to illness and disease, but can actually cause it.
Conversely, the same bio-mechanical mechanisms that work against us can be utilized for our benefit. For instance, the placebo effect has been shown to heal patients whose belief in the ‘cure’ was enough to actually rid their bodies of disease. This effect works by the power of suggestion and repeated affirmation- they believed, and repeatedly affirmed this belief, that they would be cured.
The ‘new biology’ of epigenetics takes this further in that studies show that the actual thoughts and beliefs change brain chemistry, genetic make-up and hormonal response. Our minds not only control our body, but the cells and genes within it. Our minds can re-write our genetic instructions, re-programme neural pathways and affect change.
Tipping our minds towards more positive mental practices keeps our chemicals in balance and ensures a more healthful physical environment for our cells.
Therefore, we need to examine our limiting thoughts and beliefs, which may have a detrimental influence upon our body and mind – and transform them. We can do this through various mind and body exercises, such as through relaxation, breathing techniques and self-hypnosis.
Maintaining the Vision
So often we do not have the tools to maintain a healthy lifestyle. Our good intentions can fall to the wayside so easily without the appropriate tools. Practices such as Mindfulness, journaling or employing vision boards can be very helpful in maintaining our vision for healthy living.
In this workshop you will learn:
– How to set an intention
– How to create a clear vision
– How to examine your thoughts and beliefs
– How to transform limiting thoughts and beliefs
– Relaxation and self-hypnosis techniques
– How to maintain the vision through a variety of mind, body techniques

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