Jerky, Biltong & Bacon Class with Megan Radaich


8th  November – Sunday – 1:00pm to 4:00pm

Learn how to make your own, step-by-step: from preparing spice blends, marinades and brines, to exploring natural ingredients and equipment, with demonstrations and taste-testings included, plus an in-depth class guide to take home

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Want to make your own bacon – better than any you have ever tasted? Learn how to make your own jerky, biltong and bacon step-by-step: from sourcing (and slicing) meat, to preparing spice blends, marinades and brines, and exploring natural ingredients. Watch demonstrations, ask questions and gain the skills and the knowledge to preserving meat safely at home. Course notes and Afternoon tea included.

• Introduction
• What is charcuterie?
• Tools and equipment
• Ingredients & resources
• Hygiene and food safety
• Techniques and tips for drying and curing meat
• Dry and wet methods for jerky, biltong and bacon
• Smoking (hot/cold), dehydrating, curing and cooking
• Demonstrations (jerky, biltong, bacon and cold-smoking)
• Recipes included in course notes
• Questions and feedback
• Supplies for sale (buy at the class or order)

Megan Radaich is a lecturer from, a Western Australian community resource for home food preservation and green living. Megan’s community classes are lecture-style, with demonstrations and open discussion of techniques. Generous taste-testings are provided during the classes. Equipment and supplies are also available to buy (or order) at the classes to raise funds for class equipment and community events.