Meat Curing Course – Bacon, Ham & Pancetta with Megan from

$50.00 per person

Name: Megan Radaich
Time: 12.00pm to 2:00pm
Date: 25th November - Saturday
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Product Description

Have you dreamt of waking up on a Sunday morning and making breakfast with your very own homemade bacon? Learn how to make ham, bacon and pancetta step-by-step in this meat preserving course: from discussing the ingredients and techniques in detail to demonstrating how to brine, cure, smoke and cook the meat. This class is a great introduction to charcuterie and is suitable for beginners. If you enjoy eating bacon, ham, pancetta and prosciutto, this course is for you!

What is charcuterie?
Tools and equipment
Hygiene and food safety
Techniques and tips
Dry and wet curing
Smoking (hot and cold) and cooking
Recipes included in course notes