7th march – Sunday – 9:00am to 1:00pm

Come along and make a lined denim bag using only a few bits of repurposed material , a needle and thread and your imagination. Have fun whilst learning new skills and meeting new people all while helping to do your bit for the environment.

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If helping the environment by limiting the amount that goes into landfill is a passion of yours, or learning a new skill is what interests you, then why not come along and learn how to make a useful, fully lined bucket bag , from an old pair of jeans and a shirt. You will be shown how to repurpose the denim and shirt. How to sew them up and then how to finish them to create a wonderful, handmade bag. You could use it for shopping at the farmers market or make it into that snazzy little handbag everybody is commenting on. One thing is for certain. It will be one of a kind, totally original and completely yours.
At this workshop you will be given a kit which contains enough material to make your denim bucket bag. You will also be supplied with tools to complete the job. Written instructions will accompany the kit, in case you should need to finish this off at home or if you wish to make another bag.
What to bring…
Your Glasses (if you need them)
A small contribution to morning tea (nothing fancy)
Complimentary tea and coffee are available

Skills needed… The ability to thread a needle and use a pair of scissors. You will be shown how to do the rest.
At the end of this 4 hour workshop you should go home with a finished bag and lots of ideas on how to personalise it and turn it into your own masterpiece.

Go check out Becs FB page for all her creations HERE