Soap Making Workshop – Cold Pressed Method – Palm Oil Free (AM)

$65.00 per person

Time: 10:00am to 1:00pm
Date: 25th March - Sunday

Bookings Open

Product Description

Come join us in making beautiful cold pressed soaps. Our class is for beginners and previous soap makers. Natural soaps are very gentle and don’t wash off all your natural oils. So you are refreshed and clean but your skin remains lubricated, protected and happy.
Whereas commercial soaps are often harsher having been made with recycled, heat-damaged oils it strips all the natural oils away, leaving your skin dry, itchy and unprotected.
They are beautiful personalised hand-crafted gifts for family and friends, or sell them at the school fete as a fundraiser! The options are endless.
You will take home approximately 25 soaps for you to enjoy or give away as gifts.

*Note to students: Please bring along to class,
• 3 empty 1 litre cardboard milk cartons or 4 Pringles or equivalent containers
• An old towel
• Disposable gloves to protect your hands
• An apron or old shirt to protect yourself and your clothing
• 2 clean flat bottomed buckets with a pourer and a box to take things home in