Sourdough Bread Workshop with Blue Sky Bread #2

$30.00 per person

Time: 1:00pm to 3:00pm
Date: 15th April - Sunday
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Product Description

This is a repeat class as the first sessions tickets sold out!
Learn how to make sourdough at home! Simone and Joel from Blue Sky Bread will show you each step and share their lessons for making this delicious bread in the home oven. Take home a recipe guide and your own starter.

In this 2hr course, you will be introduced to a method for making your own sourdough bread at home. The course takes you from sourdough starters, through to mixing the dough, proofing and shaping the loaf, finally baking it in the oven. The method is derived from the book “Tartine”, which is famous for its mild flavoured sourdough, and “no-knead” technique. Once mastering this basic loaf, the opportunities to experiment are endless; as are the flavours you can create yourself.
The course will guide you through each step/stage of making rustic sourdough loaves. Participants go home with a sample of Blue Sky Bread starter, which can be maintained indefinitely at home to create your own bread in the future. We also provide a detailed recipe/guide and details about useful resources to get you started.
About the instructors: Simone and Joel Huey live in Roleystone and are about to open their own sourdough bread shop locally. Blue Sky Bread will focus on rustic breads that are full of flavour and are healthier for you, using this basic recipe from the course. Simone and Joel are self-taught, and so appreciate the pitfalls for the home baker.