Terms & Conditions to Venue Hire

  • Full payment is required to confirm your booking.
  • Cancelled bookings – 5 days’ notice via email to be eligible for a credit, 48 hours’ notice via email to be eligible for a 50% refund, 24 hours’ notice, verbal, phone, or email = no credit or refund.
  • Capacity numbers to be always adhered to. • Please enter and exit by the front door only (except emergencies) • Permits to sell liquor must be obtained from the Licensing Court, Armadale (at the hirer’s own cost). Hirer’s permits need to be visible in the kitchen and removed prior to leaving the premises.
  • Noise must be kept at a respectful level and contained within the building from 10.30pm (please respect neighbouring properties)
  • All private catering equipment and personal belongings must be removed on completion.
  • RNFC furniture must not be removed from premises.
  • No other rooms must be used without prior booking (subject to random spot checks)
  • All tenants must provide their own first aid supplies.
  • The Family Centre building and playground areas are NO SMOKING zones including 5m from the main entrance door.
  • BBQ to be used only in the designated area for BBQ usage (not inside).
  • BBQ must be left clean and gas bottle turned off & disconnected.
  • Floors must be swept/vacuumed after each session. Mopped where necessary.
  • No dirty dishes must be left in sink or on the benches (to be returned clean to appropriate storage places).
  • The oven and microwave must be left in clean condition.
  • Any equipment used must be put away in clean condition.
  • All rubbish bins must be emptied, and rubbish placed into large outside bins to the right of the entrance.
  • All toilets / baby change area must be left in clean condition.
  • All lights, fans, heating, or air conditioning must be turned off when you leave.
  • If used, the outside paved area must be swept & rubbish removed.
  • The hirer must ensure the building is secure prior to departure (check all gates, windows, and doors).
  • Building must be vacated by midnight.
  • All faults and damage must be reported as soon as possible.
  • BBQ is hired at the tenant’s own risk and tenant is responsible for familiarising themselves with locations of fire extinguishers.


  • The replacement costs of any missing or broken equipment and/or fittings.
  • Any extra cleaning needed, where tenant hasn’t cleaned sufficiently.
  • These costs will be taken out of the bond or invoiced accordingly

Management/Committee reserve the right to terminate any contracts of hire with any organization or individual.